• Hand crafted (made in Germany)
  • High quality - High performance
  • Creative innovations
  • Sustainable materials


The Dübel-Hub

Ultra light and quick-connect

The metallic blue 7075 Aluminium Dragonstaff Hub attaches to the inside of the pole and allows a super fast swap between fire and practise or getting ready for easy transport.

Lots of fire

We cover all your needs

We are happy to offer different sizes of 100% Kevlar Isis knots that make beautiful flames and last long. Also cost-efficient "sushi rolls" are available.

Practise Pettels

Adjust your speed

These Dragonstaff practise pettels are made of recycled Polyethylen. They fit all 8mm hubs. By changing the angle within the hub, the speed can be adjusted due to the wind resistance.

Dragonstaff Discs

No Hub needed, just the disc

Also the discs are made of the recycled durable Polyethylene. Choose your beautiful pattern and use the fast swap "Dübel System", AND you don't need to buy an extra hub to use them.


Ultralight Systems

Usual 150cm length with super soft natural rubber kautschuk grip. Aluminium, Aluminium 7075 and Carbon.

Our innovative three-piece system is ultra light, fast tightening and absolutely non wobbly. And still not heavier than a usual carbon pole.

Performance Props

Fire Sword

for the extra large flame

Perfectly ballanced swords for contact or sword flow. You can change the crystal ball for a lighter steel ball.

Charcoal Cages

for a sparkly finale

Beautiful effects without the need of pyrotechnics. These cages hold about 1kg charcoal and can be easily opened and closed with a wing nut.

Head Pieces

for your fiery character

No more worries to loose the crown while dancing. The helmet closing system makes them feel super tight and safe. All spokes can be detached for easy transport or your creative re-arrangement.

Fire Structures

We are curious to hear ideas

Custom made fire structures with as much fire as you desire. Also for the mobility we will find a convenient solution. 

We love Flow Arts
and Flowarts-Arts

Design, Wood, Aluminium, Steel and Makrame

There are many ways of reaching the flowstate. Flowarts is one playful way by manipulating your prop. Here we share some further creative innovative and joyful results of our flowarts-related creativity and research. 


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